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City & State: New York City’s most surprising primary results


This race was the most crowded in the city, with 15 Democrats competing to succeed Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer in western Queens. Many had their eyes on Amit Bagga, a political operative who’d held many positions in the de Blasio administration. He had support from Van Bramer, the Working Families Party and major unions including the janitors’ union 32BJ SEIU. But in the end it was Julie Won, a business consultant with IBM with far fewer endorsements who pulled it off, winning 56.7% of the vote in the final round of ranked-choice voting, according to preliminary results including absentee ballots, to Bagga’s 43.3%. Won didn’t work directly in politics or government, but volunteered her time in the district and brought her personal story as a Korean immigrant to a district with a large Asian American population.

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