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Queens Daily eagle: Community board backs Phipps’ Sunnyside rezoning, despite tenant complaints

Community Board member Julie Won, another Council District 26 candidate, said the improvement plan was not enough to convince her to vote in favor of the rezoning.

“You could feel the emotions from the board members, who were caught between a rock and a hard place because everyone wants affordable housing but as someone who's experienced bad landlords, that’s not what you want for your community,” Won said

She said she observed conditions at the Phipps Gardens Apartments and did not want to reward the company by voting to approve the Barnett Avenue rezoning.

“These are things they should've taken care of a while ago — they should be held accountable and take care of the tenants they have before moving ahead,” she said. “It's hard to say ‘We can take your word and see you be good landlords all of a sudden.’”

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