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Patch: Astoria, LIC City Council Candidates Says Rival Tore Down Posters

STORIA-LONG ISLAND CITY, QUEENS — Julie Won and Jonathan Bailey, who are both running for the Queens District 26 City Council seat, told Patch that their campaign posters are being ripped down by an opposing candidate's team members — the latest in a series of negative campaigning tactics in the district, she said.

On Monday, Won shared an image taken by Bailey of their campaign posters stashed behind bags of trash. The week before, Won Tweeted an image of one of her torn down campaign posters that was ripped in half. Won told Patch that she knows which candidate's team has been tearing down her — and others' — posters, but is choosing not to name them in order to give them less attention.

"So many people have offered to go on record for me and say that they've witnessed this person's team member ripping down my poster, or have surveillance footage from their business, but campaigning shows what kind of character you have, and what kind of leadership you're going to display when you're elected," Won said.

Instead of naming any one campaign and being "immature" Won says that her campaign has chosen "to take the high road, which just gives us more fuel to the fire."

When a block of her posters were torn down last week on Skillman Avenue, a highly-trafficked, commercial area in Sunnyside, Won said that volunteers doubled down on their support.

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