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QNS: Sunnyside City Council candidates organize vigil for victims of Atlanta shooting

Won, a first-generation immigrant, recalled watching her mom work at a nail salon because the college degree she obtained in her home country didn’t amount to much in the United States.

“These are the survival jobs that help you raise your family, pay your rent and pay for food,” Won explained. “To know that these women remained unnamed, then names were misspelled. Their names are so hard to find on the internet that people say, what are their names? And not even knowing what their faces look like.”

Won said it was heartbreaking to know if six white women had been killed by a Black, brown, or Asian person, few would question the nature of the crime and how the perpetrator should be punished.

“Yet, we see the opposite of what should be happening. The police are trying to humanize the perpetrator instead of the victims. And if you question whether these women’s professions were appropriate, if you think even for a second that they deserved to die because of the work they’re doing, then you’re abetting white supremacy,” Won said.

She also pointed out the stigma media and Hollywood have created about Asian women. “There’s always hyper-sexualization of Asian women and their bodies. And as long as we continue to allow the media to hyper-sexualize us, we are objectified. And as we’re objectified, we are dehumanized,” she said. “And when we’re dehumanized, we’re violently killed and murdered. And we cannot allow it to happen anymore.”

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