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qNS: sunnyside community rallies against uptick of anti-asian hate crimes

Won said that she is concerned about her mother’s safety and calls her every morning to remind her to be careful when she takes the train or walks by herself at night.

“Why is it that in my very own city, I have to ask my mom if she is safe? And if she does not text me back in 15 minutes, I start to have anxiety worrying if my mom is safe,” she said.

Won made it clear that she’s not calling for more policing, and she doesn’t want to be part of a conversation that could lead to more racial profiling and incarceration of people of color. She wants to get to the root of why hatred and bigotry exist and believes that compassion and understanding are more effective.

“That’s why we are calling the way that we did today, for more community building, for mutual trust, for us to really stand in solidarity because it is not about one race attacking the other — but recognizing as a society as a whole about anti-Asian sentiment and scape-goating,” Won said.

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