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Queens Daily Eagle: Innovation QNS hits snag as local councilmember raises concerns

Developers of a massive redevelopment project in Astoria gearing up for the city’s rezoning process hit a potentially project-killing snag Wednesday.

City Councilmember Julie Won sent a letter to the developers of Innovation QNS, a five block redevelopment project in Southeast Astoria, condemning their rollout of the project and demanding they do more outreach and conduct further studies about the potential impact the project will have on residents who live nearby.

“Thus far, the amount of community engagement is insufficient for a project of this scale that will deeply impact not only those in the immediate vicinity, but also will have lasting impacts on the neighborhood as a whole,” Won wrote in her letter. “To initiate a ULURP before addressing the community’s concerns satisfactorily would demonstrate a lack of serious consideration for these critical issues facing Astoria and the impact on the broader community.”

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