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Queens Post: Hundreds Turn Out at Hearing to Voice Disapproval of Proposed Changes to Council Distri

Hundreds of people testified virtually and in-person Tuesday night during a public meeting in Astoria that they do not approve of the changes proposed by the NYC Districting Commission to the boundaries of Council District 26.

The hearing, a marathon session that lasted more than six hours, was held to provide the public with the ability to weigh in on the commission’s proposed changes to all 51 council districts—although a significant portion of the evening dealt with Council District 26.

The proposed change to the District 26 map would see the Woodside portion of the existing district split into four pieces—divided among districts 26, 30, 22 and 25; Ravenswood and Queensbridge would be gone, swallowed up by District 22; and Roosevelt Island and a portion of the Upper East Side would be added.

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