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Sunnyside post: GoFundMe Launched for Phipps Garden Residents Left Homeless After Fire on Tuesday

Julie Won, a Phipps Garden Apartments resident and a candidate for city council, launched the GoFundMe page yesterday and is looking to raise money for those tenants whose apartments were wrecked in the fire.

Won said that the fire caused damage to six apartments on floors 2 through 4, and that two units on the ground floor were flooded when the FDNY put out the blaze. She said that five families have been forced to leave and find temporary accommodation.

The Red Cross, Won says, has put some of the tenants up in hotels but they will not be able to return to their apartments for at least a month.

Won is looking to raise $25,000 for the impacted tenants to help pay for their accommodation and to cover their property that was destroyed. The GoFundMe has generated more than $6,000 to date from more than 100 donors.

“It is truly miraculous that no lives were lost,” Won said, noting that some of the tenants are seniors and have mobility problems.

“But now my neighbors have had their belongings destroyed, and are displaced for the foreseeable future.”

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