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Sunnyside post: Op-ed: Hunger can't wait

We need to use every tool in our arsenal to get relief to those who are struggling and ensure that no one goes hungry. And our efforts have to be centered around our values: that every person has the right to free, healthy, culturally-sensitive meals and should be treated with dignity and respect.

That starts with expanding our city’s food safety net and capacity to feed those facing hunger. We need leaders who will unapologetically fight to expand SNAP benefits and reduce barriers for those who are eligible for the program. We should allow SNAP recipients to use EBT cards to purchase meals at restaurants during the pandemic, which will help bolster local businesses. Supporting programs like Health Bucks through GrowNYC will go a long way in bolstering local farmers as our economy continues to struggle and allowing families to prepare meals of their own choice. The City must do intentional outreach to every corner of our communities to ensure that families know about take-out and community meals distributed at their schools, regardless of whether they are learning remotely.

We’re facing so many enormous challenges this year, but one thing is clear: we can’t allow any of our neighbors to go hungry.

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